Daniel Law & The Texas High Riders - Company Message
The Texas High Riders

Our band members are among the most talented in the industry. 
It would be our pleasure to perform at your next event!
                                   Daniel Law
Photo19 18Born in San Antonio, Texas Daniel has lived in the Austin area of Central Texas but calls Lockhart, Texas home. Daniel had aspirations of growing up and playing in the NFL like most little boys in Texas and did play quite a bit even ending up on the practice squad of an NFL team, but then turned to baseball to fill this void and went on to play in the Semi Pro World Series in 1991. All the while Daniel worked for the Sheriff's Office in Caldwell County, little did he know twenty some odd years later it would be his career. Daniel now serves the citizens of Caldwell County as their Sheriff and has ever since January of 2001 when he took office. 
Daniel loves his profession and will never quit his day job, but he has always had dreams of entertaining folks. Well, someone once dared Daniel to get on stage and sing and the rest is history for he has been lead vocalist for the Texas High Riders ever since the band got together in a little garage storage house in 2007.
Shane Ellis
poser 0 00 35-17AKA: "SHINER" is from Kyle, Texas and has played with several bands around the San Marcos area. 

Shiner brings an edge to the band with his background in rock music. Shiner delivers hot, bluesy guitar licks with a bit of twang. Some may consider him the "long haired outlaw" in the group. But every cowgirl and cowboy loves a little bit of rock-n-roll. 

Shiner also having studied music in school can play just about any instrument placed in front of him, just give him a minute and he'll show ya! With The Texas High Riders he plays lead guitar, back up vocals and some lead vocals.
Larry Coombs

Greg Guenther

Born and raised in New Braunfels, Texas. Greg grew up in a musical family and started playing professionally at the age of 12, entertaining crowds all over the United States of America. After graduation Greg had 2 music scholarships, one was to the esteemed Robert Schumann Music Conservatory in Dusseldorf Germany, he chose instead to pursue a career as a public servant. In 1988, Greg became a firefighter for the City of Lockhart. In 1997 he returned to New Braunfels to work for the Fire Department where he currently serves and protects as a Lieutenant in charge of the HazMat team.
Greg plays many instruments, and has played with several different groups. His passion and natural talent as a Bass player comes from his Dad whom has been playing Bass for more than 55 years.

With the Texas High Riders, Greg brings a fresh new style, as well as the great old country sound on Bass, and backup vocals.

Dave Roland

Inspired and mentored by Johnny Gimble and Bobby Flores, Dave swings  for the fence every time the bow meets the strings. 

 Dave has had the  good fortune to work with many of the greats in Texas Swing and  country music through his career as a fiddle player and brings that  experience and energy to The Texas High Riders. 

 If you long to hear  your favorite country music, when it had a fiddle in it, the Texas  High Riders will satisfy your expectations.

                                                                      Cody Baird